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On Wednesday April 26, 1972, in San Diego California born Marie Annette Moreno, the third of twelve children that their parents have determined to invest their lives in them. In 1977 the family decided to move to Moreno Tuczon Arizona, city of residence to date.

For Annette, her parents took her to two years of age to have their first experience at a concert before an audience of 500 people, the most logical and expected small as a little girl on stage was that after a few minutes Drop in tears, surprise of all was ended without any problem and that was where they realized that that was his place.

With training and eduacion in music from the age of 12 he began his career Annette belonging to the group Mariachi “Psalms” with those who participated as a violinist and singer until age 24, by which time Annette not only liked music and singing, also had written some lyrics that were beginning to reflect the desire he had in his heart, that desire is summarized in helping people in need of support, love and hope.

Using letters of their inspiration in 1995 recorded his first solo album, titled “Flying Free” began to describe the message she carried inside and led her to turn her life in 1997 after being targeted for years in the genre of mariachi music (mariachi), joins as lead singer of “Red” (Emmanuel Espinosa), who play a completely different genre (Rock / Pop).

In 2001 Red released their first album is titled the name of the band, and contains a song from the composition of Annette Moreno: “Rose Garden” was such a success that begin to go on tour to different countries like Japan, Mexico and most countries of Central and South America.

Parallel in the same year 2001 draws his second solo album “Love give me”, despite being only the second material, and not being focused at the time as a solo artist, begins to break records in Christian music and Latin received a nomination for the awards “Ritmo Latino”.

In 2002, Annette decided to focus on his solo work and with his brother (Eli) began what is now known as “Annette & Garden”, this decision led to his departure from the Red Group.

On October of 2002 comes the third album “An Angel Cry” and the public’s favorite songs “Get out of the Canoe,” “Complicated” and “Smile backwards” for some time occupying the top spots on Christian radio Mexico and other Latin countries.

It is with this album in 2003 received multiple nominations including: “Latin Grammys”, “Premios Arpa,” “Life Awards,” “Conquest,” “Integrity” and “Of the People” which won the top prize in “Premios Arpa”, “La Conquista” and “Life Awards.”

After nearly a year at the end of 2003 has a new album “Christmas” and it conveys a message of peace and hope, without losing your style, use chord melodies to the season and the result is a CD well accepted among their fans .

With the release of his latest production “Russian Roulette”, 2004 presented major challenges, challenging, very quickly and sold thousands of copies in all countries who like their music, with new songs from this project not only has touched the public that continues but has also managed to reach many young people who have not heard the message of life, the message presented to the Spirit that radically transforms anyone who is exposed to real love, this is one of the main objectives Annette & Garden.

In addition to solo productions has also been involved in other projects like Music Grupera “,” Orbita X “,” I do not Critiques “,” Project Disciple “and” Israel 3 “without the songs films “Punto y Aparte” by renowned director Paco del Toro, and “A Day Without a Mexican” (A Day Without a Mexican).

In the past two years more than 2 million people have attended concerts by Annette & Garden, has performed in places like the “Estadio Azteca (Mexico City) to 100 000 people.

Annette in 2004 between the end of 2005 developing several projects such as the REWIND, a compilation album of his hits, and then the live album which displays an interesting logistics for fulfillment.

Annette Moreno is currently promoting his latest material entitled “Annette Moreno” in which he succeeds in presenting a very personal message but in a very easy to get.

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