Danilo Montero Biografía


With a humble spirit of worship, Danilo Montero is considered a giant, a giant when it comes to worship leaders. Renowned for his melodic voice and energetic style, Montero has become one of the leaders in the renewal of Christian music in Latin America.
For over eight years, he has organized conferences for the purpose of preparing the Spanish-speaking church in the area of ​​praise. Between conference and conference, has managed to record five projects, to organize a band and travel through the world preaching the Word.

It is also the worship leader of his church, Oasis of Hope of the Assemblies of God. Follow me, Montero Music Group has become a full-time ministry that produces Christian music, radio programs and “Worship”, a small quarterly magazine.
“Our vision is to inspire others to have an intimate relationship with God,” says Montero. “Praise without intimacy is just a collection of songs of songs with good rhythm. It is impossible to praise indeed without a change of heart.”
Danilo Montero founded Follow me, which is a Christian alternative in the field of music. Today the company is home to the largest music distributor in Costa Rica.
In addition, Follow Me Productions is responsible for promoting Christian music concerts.
Danilo Montero was born on November 1, 1962, Montero did not grow up in a Christian home, but a day when I was when I was 13 or 14 years, a group of people invited to Danilo and his friends to a health campaign in Oasis Hope. They accepted the invitation and that night gave Danilo Christ.
Danilo Montero is one of five children of a family which was not long in following the decision that was taken. In a short time the pastor of Oasis of Hope, recognized the skills that Danilo had to be a leader and teacher of praise, which began to learn songs and leading worship group.
Today one of the greatest desires is to see Danilo Montero
the revival of Latin America from spreading to other nations.
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